Dual Speed Pad Drivers

The Smooth Running Rubber Backed 660 "Sure Lok" Series.

These pad drivers are designed to run smoothly at the higher 300 to 350 rpms of many dual and high speed machines. Another plus is that each component can be replaced when it wears out. We stock each component, and can sell them individually as the need arises. We recommend that you keep these two inches below model size, as the rubber riser can flex enough to allow rubbing of the face, which can shorten the life span.

  • Complete package includes rubber riser assembly, clutchplate, as well as a centerlocking device mounted beneath unit.

Replacement faces & risers are also available, contact us for sizes not listed.

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660 Dual Speed/High Speed Pad Driver

Replacement High Speed Riser
Replacement Sure Lok Faces


Please note that the price list shows actual block diameter .For this type of pad driver ( due to flexing of the rubber riser) we suggest it fit inside the skirt of your floor machine. Simply measure inside the skirt and order the whole inch diameter that will fit inside the skirt ( ie  if you measure 18 1/4" inside your machine, then an 18" block would be the correct fit).