Diamond Drivers

Diamond Drivers are used to hold diamond polishing pads. Most commonly used in stone floor maintenance/care. Similar to the principle of sandpaper, you hone the floors with a coarse grade of diamond, to remove imperfections, then go through 3 more steps to remove those marks,ending up with a brilliantly honed shine on your floor. Honing doesn't require special chemicals, just time and a wet (clean water) working surface! Diamond pads are usually three inches in diameter, and a typical application uses 6 pads mounted per block. They stick to the driver via APPLIX/Velcro style hook and loop material.

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Diamond Drivers


With this full coverage type driver you now have the flexibility to use as many, of whatever size pads you'd like to achieve the desired results.

When building these full face diamond drivers, we install a firm foam cushion between the block and the APPLIX/velcro face. The cushion reduces tearing due to uneven flooring, or new installations with lippage.

We can make these in any diameter, from 11" through 20" diameter Blocks. Please call with any special requests or needs. They can also be made to fit most walk behind automatic scrubber machines.

NOTE: For best life span, diamond pads should always be peeled off starting from the inside of the driver. Peeling from the outside will void your warrantee.