Sandpaper Drivers

Gunn Brush Co is offering a heavy duty ( weighs 12.5 lbs)  diameter Sandpaper driver with riser, to fit on your floor machine for floor sanding. Brand new from inventory. Commercial Jobber strength and quality. Usually same day shipping too.This sanding driver allows you to use your floor machine to sand floors with sandpaper or mesh screens.Heavy duty plywood construction, with a neoprene face. The bottom holds a heavy cast aluminum ( professional quality, not cheaper stamped steel) clamp assembly ( left hand threaded nut, to be self tightening while running), which will securely hold your sandpaper ( 2" center hole recommended for best results).

$185.00 /Each.
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Sandpaper Drivers !

Please note that the price list shows actual block diameters. For best fitment we want the block diameter to be even with the outside skirt of your floor machine. Simply measure across the skirt and order the whole inch diameter that matches that most closely. We keep 16" and 19" blocks in stock, other sizes can be ordered to suit your application and needs.
 Prices include the standard NP-9200 clutchplate already installed.